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The following is an exert from an interview that Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor gave on Much More Music (that aired not long after Just Like a Vacation was released) with correspondent Janalynne White.

Janalynne: You talked about, as writers, the best way you communicate is lyrically. I wanna do this little thing with you.... told you I was gonna surprise you with something.

Jim: Oh this is gonna be good!

Janalynne: Written on these cards! Yes, yes it's a game folks - it's a lyric game! I made it up this morning. I was listening to Diamond Mine and I love the line that goes "Nothing comes as fast as a glib reply." And I thought, that's true. So I'm wondering if you have any glib replies to this. (Laughs)
I'm gonna name a lyric and uh...hopefully you're gonna remember the song; I know that it's such a big body of work, it can tough.

Greg: Oh these are our lyrics! Well, that makes it easier then! [Jim laughs]

Janalynne: It's like music trivia quiz

Jim: I was hoping for that. [sarcastically? I'm not sure]

Janalynne: These are Blue Rodeo lyrics! "The days seem so long "

Greg: Hands on buzzers! [he and Jim put their hands on the arms of the chairs]

Janalynne: Yeah! Okay! "The days seem so long living inside of my head"

Greg: [slams hand down on arm rest] Jim's!

[Jim slaps his hand down a slipt second after Greg does]

[laughter then silence]

Jim: I don't know the song. [turns to Greg] Do you know the song?

[Greg says nothing, but smiles at Jim smugly]

Jim: [to Janalynne] Am I supposed to guess the song?

Janalynne: Yeah!

Greg: You can't even guess your own lyric?

Jim: I know, but I'm totally phased out about this. I don't even recognize songs they've been playing above me! [repeats lyric to himself]

Janalynne: "Falling Down Blue"!!!!!!!

Jim: "Falling Down Blue"! That's even a recent song, that's so pathetic! [laughs]

[laughter as he hides his face in his arm]

(clip of Falling Down Blue where the lyric is sung)

Jim: [to Greg] Did you know that? I'll bet I'll get yours faster than I'll get mine!

Janalynne: Alright, here's another one. "All your riches won't mean a thing some day"


Greg: [nudges Jim] That's you again

Jim: That's me. [pause] That's that Leonard Peltier song.

Greg: No.

Jim: [mumbles lyric to himself']

Janalynne: Oh this is fun!! "It Could Happen to You"!!!

Jim: "It Could Happen to You"! Oh that's right!

Greg: [imitating Jim] "Oh that's right!"

Jim: Okay. I'm not good at this game. I admit it.

Greg: [gives a thumbs-up] This is a great game!

Jim: [laughing] I'm gonna get...... [to Greg] Get your hand off my buzzer!! [pushes Greg hand off the arm rest.

(video clip of It Could Happen to You)

Janalynne: "Nothing wrong just nothing ever goes as planned"

Jim: That's mine. That's from "Bad Timing"

Janalynne: Yea!!! Jim wins the game!!!

Greg: Good work.

(video clip of Bad Timing)

Janalynne: Okay, how about something earlier?

Jim: How about something from Greg?

Janalynne: Okay..... "I see a world that's tired and scared of living on the edge too long"

Jim: [Imitating the sound of a buzzer as he slaps his hand down on the arm rest] "Rose Coloured Glasses" [looks at Greg] Did you get it?

Greg: Yeah I got it.

Janalynne: What'd you say?

Greg: "Rose Coloured Glasses"!

Janalynne: No!! It's "Day After Day!"

Jim: Same thing, same thing.

Greg: Same song

Janalynne: Oh yeah, it's the same title. It's "Day After Day" in brackets.

Greg: The record company put "Day After Day"

Janalynne: "Rose Coloured Glasses", you're right! Like I'm telling you! (Laughter) You're right! That IS your lyric and that is the name of the song.

Greg: I'm very happy that I can identify my own songs.

(video clip of "Rose Coloured Glasses")

Janalynne: "Here on the outskirts of life dreams seldom come true"

Greg: Well, that I stole from somebody so.... but I can't remember. It was a poem from The New Yorker. I don't know who wrote that.

Janalynne: That's goin' back there; to Outskirts of Life, 1986... with the turned up collar, the short hair...

(video clip of "Outskirts")

Janalynne: How do you feel when you look back at those early videos?

Greg: Just like it was yesterday.

Janalynne: Yeah?

Greg: Oh I just mean that there is the same mix of embarrassment and . . . and joy of just seeing thing s like that.

Janalynne: [to Jim] What about you?

Jim: We look . . . . there was a time when I sort of related to those characters. We look a lot younger now. And it's kind of shocking. [laughter]

Janalynne: Okay, I wanna ask you this one - "Love and understanding are the best answers I've heard yet"

Jim: It's not fair when the title's in it. His are easy!

Janalynne: Well okay. . .

Jim: His are real easy. You contorted the questions because you knew that he wouldn't get them so easy.

Janalynne: Here's another one - "Strange and beautiful are the stars tonight"

Jim: [gasps and puts his hand on his chest] Lost Together. [smiles] That takes your breath away doesn't it?

Greg: [smiles back] It does.

(video clip of "Lost Together")

Janalynne: "I used to know what I was waiting for"

Jim: That's me.

Greg: Do you know which one?

Jim: Yeah I do. [silence]

Greg: [hums the melody of the song]

Jim: [laughs] I'm really bad at this game! [puts his head down on his knees] [laughter and Jim sits up] I know it "Rain Down On Me"

Janalynne: Yea!! We had more but I think we had enough of that game.

Greg: That wasn't so bad

Jim: That's terrible. That's early Alzheimers. I know where I'm headed. I know where I'm goin'


Greg: Lucky for him that wasn't from his solo record, that would've been very embarrassing. [mocking Jim's voice] "I think it's one of mine..."