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Quotes from Much Music's Intimate & Interactive w/ Blue Rodeo, 1992

Host: I don't know if you've had a chance to look around at the band members right now - but there's been a few changes goin' on. Greg, I'm gonna leave it up to you to introduce some of the new band members; and the band in general if you don't mind.
Greg: Okay, uh . . . Bazil this is James. James, Baz.

Greg: I'd like to just tell everyone at home right now to turn off your TVs. That would really be great for the world if you turned off your TVs.

Jim: "Song-writing talent" is maybe putting it a little too nicely.

Jim: Somebody I met down there (in St. John) wanted to uh, buy me some sneakers so they could have mine. (Laughter)
Host: What's so special about yours? Jim: They had once walked beside Greg Keelor.

(after Greg's been speaking for a while)
Host: Do you want to conquer with that Jim?
Jim: Sorry, I wasn't listening.

Jim: These people were paid to do this.
(While a large group of adolescent girls are screaming and kissing him while he signs autographs for them)

Caller: I was wondering how the new band members have changed the overall sound; if you're happy now or if you're gonna make some changes in the near future.
Greg: (laughing) Maybe you'd like to tell us what need changing!
Jim: We'll change it right on the spot!
Caller: No, I think everything's good now.
Greg: I was hoping Jim would part his hair on the other side for a while. That's all the change I wanna make!

Host: We got a song coming up now. Do you want to introduce it?
Jim: (to Greg) Do a nice, friendly intro to this one.
Host: A nice friendly one; come on Greg!
Greg: (there's a moment of silence) It's called ‘Is It You'

Jim: It's just the same old damn thing. Just more pain, more loss, more isolation . . . from a different hotel room that's all.
- when asked to give an introduction for Already Gone

Greg: Well, this song here is about two of my favourite things: One of them is the Rocky Mountains, and the other is my very dear friend Mary Jane. (Laughter) This song is just about gettin' high and walkin' around those Rocky Mountains.
introducing ‘Western Skies'

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