Side of the Road

submitted by: Gilly

Definitely a reminder song. It takes me back to the time when I was moving back to Nova Scotia. I had never lived far from my parents (always just a couple of kilometres), and when I moved it was nerve racking for them as well as me. But they were ecstatic when I announced that I was moving back after living far away from them for nearly 10 years. I couldn't afford to buy a plane ticket to fly to Nova Scotia, so I decided to drive there - the moving van was going to leave one day after me. I was halfway to the house that I bought just a couple of blocks away from my folks, and Side of the Road comes on the radio. At the time I didn't know who Blue Rodeo was, so it was very new to me. But the song just reached right into my soul that I literally "pulled over to the side of the road." I looked up to the sky and started crying. Although I was upset that I had to leave Ontario behind me, I finally felt that I was home . . . and Side of the Road seemed to illustrate that for me perfectly.