submitted by: Jeni

I wish that they had released this one. I always imagine that the video for this would be so great - if they did it my way that is. It would be interpretative: the scenes would match what Jim would be singing, and whenever he'd sing " . . . like a photograph" the current scene would freeze and turn into a black and white photograph!

submitted by:Jennifer

Everytime I see my pic with Jim, one line from this song always comes to me: "Pictures of two fools laughing at the world..."

It`s just perfect to describe all of the pics that a fan gets with one of the guys.

If they ever did a video for this song, I think it would be neat to have all of the fans in it. And during the solo, the camera could show all of the pics we have with the guys. I think that would look really neat with Jeni`s idea.