House of Dreams

submitted by: Ross Gordon

Always a sucker for a blue song, I loved House of Dreams from the time I first heard it.
Little did I know that it would become my dear friend as I wandered alone night after night in my own house of dreams, trying to come to grips with what went wrong.
Singing this beautiful song was bittersweet therapy that got me through the lowest point in my life. A poignant realization of love's failings and the despair of losing what matters

submitted by: PDJJW

Did you ever notice how some songs seem to collide with your life at a moment that makes it seem like they were written just for you? This song just seemed to float in from somewhere out in the atmosphere, touch something within in me and then resonate. The first time I heard it I cried; afterwards it left me sad for days.

A beautiful song about the aftermath of a love neglected and lost. Only too late is the true value of what is gone realized. Filled with self-pity and self-recrimination this is meant as a cautionary tale. Definitely one house that I hope most people never visit.

Everything about this song works for me. The music haunts like the ghost unseen. The ache and emptiness of the house's occupant are juxtaposed with vocals that soar while the spirit cannot.

After hearing it, I was floored by the songwriterĘs talent (I only knew of Blue Rodeo from the Outskirts singles at that point). I donĘt know whether this is based on a real event or not, so I donĘt know whether to feel empathy and admiration for sharing an experience so honestly, or awe for the ability to capture something imagined so vividly. This is my all-time favourite Cuddy song and left me convinced that Jim was doing exactly what he was meant to be doing with his life.