Diamond Mine

submitted by: Jeni

Definitely an obsession song. He sees all the signs that the woman is giving him - signs that she's no longer interested, but he still believes that there is love in her eyes. That he is the best thing to happen to her. Although he is obviously shunned, he thinks their love "shines like a diamond mine". Kinda scary if you really think about it . . .

submitted by: Steve

I agree with Jeni that it's definitely an obsession song, but he clearly doesn't see any love in her eyes ... its right there with the first line "You say the party's over." But not only does he still love her, but he's convinced that she needs him. A diamond mine doesn't shine, after all, it just has diamonds in it. But definitely obsessive. "No other boy could ever take my place" always gives me a chill.

submitted by:Larry

I don't see this song as obsessive, but a song of denial on the part of the girl in the song. She broke away from him, and behaves in ways to move away from him, but regardless of this she cannot hide the love that shines in her eyes....like a diamond mine.