Already Gone

submitted by: Don Gauthier

"And I know, I do, you're already gone"

Well this is a touchy one...I've seen Blue Rodeo perform live approx 15 times with my girlfriend that I was with for over 5 years,she recently broke up with me, and every time I hear a Blue Rodeo tune it reminds me of her which really sucks because they are my favorite group, but this song is the most sensitive one for me. The whole 1st verse of this song: (" Oh, Monday morning waking up still too numb to speak Another night just staring at the wall. Last night's conversation knocked me off my feetguess today I'll fall I wish that we could find the words to look the other way Be careful of the things we do and watch the things we say And maybe then we'd get somewhere we'd never been before But what's the use in fighting when you know you've lost the war. Say you don't see what's wrong Every night lasting oh so long, And I know, I do, you're already gone.")

This really reminds me of our relationship, what this tune means to me is basically two people are in love but the relationship just isn't working out, there's too much past, too much fighting and they both know breaking up is the best thing to do but no one has enough strenght to actually go through with it. But they both know that the relationship is over and has been for a while. You see she dumped me over the phone one night, I had just moved away from home to go work down south and one night she simply told me it was over, the worst thing is I felt it coming a long time ago but did nothing to try to fix things between us. So to sum everything up, last night's conversation did knock me off my feet and yes I fell, very deep and I do wish we could have found the words and look the other way but she wasn't into that so I gave up cause I knew I had lost the war and she was already gone, a long time ago...

submitted by: Carol

This song had me crying yesterday, really kind of just out of the blue, or at least unexpectedly, because I realized it's exactly where I am right now. I know that the relationship I am in, or the person I am in it with, is already gone. Or maybe it's me who's already gone from it. "Say you don't see what's wrong, every night lasts oh so long, I know, I do, you're already gone." And "What's the use in fighting when you know you've lost the war." Jim has a remarkable way of having experienced, or at least put words too, exactly what I'm feeling at some of the points in life that are so intense.

I still don't know how long I will hold on to the relationship, or how to go about quitting 'fighting' since the 'war' will be lost. The funny thing is that it hasn't been a fight, we just sort of moved away from one another I think. Blue Rodeo's been through a couple relationships with me. I'm glad they're music is there - it helps me cope, it's like a good friend when no one might know that you need one.