Five Days In May

submitted by: Jeni

"They met in a hurricane, standing in the shelter out of the rain"

I don't think that Jim is referring to an actual hurricane. But rather using it as a metaphor to represent a crazy, hectic, mixed-up world. And that out of all this chaos two people met and found solace in each other.

"They both just ran away / rain on the windshield headed south"
Okay . . . was the car headed south or was it the rain? It could be both or either one. I like to think that it was the car that was headed south - it makes it sound like they ran away together. But if it was the rain, well . . . rain from the south is warm right? So warm, southern rain is nice and comfortable - showing that they were comfortable and happy together.

submitted by: Toby Smith

This is my absolute favourite Blue Rodeo song, there's something really beautiful about it. The lyrics are perfect, Greg and Jim's voices are in harmony and sound beautiful, the wonderful guitar solo by Greg at the end of the song, Jim's harmonica playing. What can I say, to me it's the perfect Blue Rodeo song. I loved this song even before I knew it was Blue Rodeo. A couple of years ago I taped that song off the radio onto a tape, and though the announcer must have said it was Blue Rodeo, I forgot. Then when I discovered it was Blue Rodeo I loved the band even more.

submitted by: Dianne

This is definitely one of my favorite BR songs, although not the first to get me hooked on the band. It just reminds me a lot of someone I know. Of course, that's true of so many of their songs, which is why I think I'm so powerfully affected by them. It's so easy to take their lyrics and apply them to your own life.

submitted by:Jennifer

It`s such a beautiful song. And it`s perfect to play at weddings. Of course, part of it is about how Jim met his wife. No wonder it`s perfect.