All Our Heroes

We were young
We built this boat
To take us to what ever directions away
We didn't care
Our fortunes were set
And all our heroes
Famous for their disrespect
It was all so easy
You sang the song
I played along
So enthralled with the curve of your breast
You said that I
Never knew who you were
I was so obsessed
That'd you'd have it any other way

All your heroes
Wandered insatiably
And somewhere between here and Delphi Satori
We got washed up
In a sea of possibility
And lost the simplicity

Must have been
One of those alien conspiracies
And I blamed you
You blamed me

When will you reveal to me
Just exactly who you intend to be
There's no before or after
Does any of this matter
There's no one left to impress
And the stage is set
Just one last step

And then it was time to part
Together we could only go so far
And maybe the world
Now the sun sits in my heart
Just because you were part of my life
And I, a part of yours