What does it mean that you're in the game now
It makes no difference
There's no losing
There's no way to win
It's way beyond that
And at the same time it doesn't mean a thing
The four winds blow and they blow change
At the end of the end of the world they'll blow us all to smithereens
And I stand on the earth
And I look up to the stars
And I know that the air that I breathe is from the atmosphere and the trees
And I know that I am in everything
And everything is in me
But I'm not me
I am that
In the land of the crow
There is not path
Let the silence be your guide
Do not be distracted
Let the fire cleanse you
Let the water teach you how to see and feel
That you're spinning madly on a wheel
There is no time
There is no space
It's all just a beautiful dream
It's all just a beautiful thought
In the cave of your heart