Before you go any further be sure you have a pen and paper handy so you can record you answers. Then when you're done you can see how you did!


1. In Lost Together, what kind of moon is shining?

a) half

b) crescent

c) three-quarter

d) full

e) new moon


2. What kind of guitar is Greg playing in ‘Til I Am Myself Again'?

a) Les Paul

b) Gibson

c) Rickenbacker

d) Squire

e) Fender Squire


3. Who is driving the pick-up in the video for ‘Bad Timing'?

a) Jim Cuddy

b) Greg Keelor

c) James Grey

d) Kim Deschamps

e) an actor unrelated to Blue Rodeo


4. What's the license-plate of that pickup truck (in ‘Bad Timing')?

a) BLU - 412

b) TDF - 839

c) LYT - 683

d) TWZ - 375

e) there is no license plate on the pickup


5. What's on top of the piano in the video for ‘Hasn't Hit Me Yet'?

a) liquor and wine bottles

b) nothing

c) sheet music

d) dust

e) matches and a pack of cigarettes


6. What is the colour of Greg's guitar pick in ‘Rose-Coloured Glasses'?

a) rose-coloured of course!

b) green

c) white

d) light blue

e) dark red


7. For the same video (Rose-Coloured Glasses) which of these items is NOT in the apartment scene?

a) a refrigerator

b) a bathroom

c) a ceiling fan

d) a pile of old magazines

e) an electric guitar


8. In the apartment scene again: what does the street sign that's hanging on the wall say?

a) Younge St.

b) Bathurst

c) St - Laurent

d) Queen St. W.

e) Toronto Ont.


9. Which one of these sayings is NOT seen in the video for ‘It Could Happen To You'?

a) "Erase Racism"

b) "This Way Down"

c) "Act Your Rage"

d) "Who Cares?"

e) "No Trespassing"


10. Let's go back to the video for ‘Bad Timing.' Recall the scene where the little girl is jumping rope. What time is displayed on the clock by her feet?

a) 6:20

b) 1:45

c) 8:20

d) 10:50

e) 3:05


answers and scoring