Til I Am Myself Again, House of Dreams and Rose-Coloured Glasses

IMPORTANT: This quiz works a little differently than the others. Since each question is at a different level of difficulty than others, they will be worth a different number of points (which is shown in square brackets beside each question). For each question you get partially right, this is to your own judgement, you get part the points. No multiple choice this time - just to make it all the more challenging. Check with the answers at the end and see how you rated! So have fun, and remember it's just a game. It's not really testing your loyalty or love for the band in anyway.

Okay, get your pens and paper ready . . .


1. How many ladder rungs does Jim climb up before falls? [ 3] 2. What kind of guitar is Greg playing? [ 1 ]

3. A bird lands on one of the band member's arm. Who's? [ 1 ]

4. What does the sign say that's hanging behind the band when they're in the bar? [ 1 ]

5. When Jim goes into the bar it's morning. When he leaves it's still morning. True or false? [ 2 ]


6. What kind of car is shown in the beginning of the video? [ 3 ]

7. What colour is the phone in the motel room? [ 3 ]

8. The car is a convertible. True or false? [ 2 ]

9. What's in the cup in the motel room dresser? [ 2 ]

10. How many candles are there on the chandelier (in the scene with the band in it)? [ 5 ]


11. Does a pair of rose coloured glasses appear in the video? [ 1 ] 12. What is the first piece of clothing the woman reaches for? [ 2 ]

13. In the apartment scene the bathroom door is open. True or false? [ 2 ]

14. Same scene - there is a tambourine on the window ledge? [ 3 ]

15. The concert footage was shot during around what time? [ 3 ]

Answers and Scoring