1. B = Me & Baz

2. A = Girl of Mine

3. B = Time

4. D = The Ballad of the Dime Store Greaser and the Blonde Mona Lisa

5. E = C = You're Everywhere

6. E = Armour

7. E = none of the above; it's New Year's Eve from Jim's solo album

8. A = Hey! This is another trick question! (That's right, it's No Landing from Greg's solo album)

9. B = God and Country

10. C = 5 Days In May


0 - 3 = Preoccupied. Is Jim Cuddy that good looking that you don't listen to the lyrics? Is Greg's voice that captivating that it distracts you from what he's saying? Whatever the reason, don't worry about it. Simply start listening to the albums with the CD book handy - believe me you'll be thankful for it.

4 - 7 = Noticeably Attentive. Maybe the trick questions threw you off a bit . . . but in general you pretty much can differentiate Jim Cuddy's Second Son and It Could Happen To You just by intro alone.

8 - 10 = Karioke Queen/King Was that you I heard singing along to Floating at the New Year's Eve bash? And that must have been you I heard humming The Ballad of the Dime Store Greaser. You know all the songs by heart, and most likely the track listings too. It's fans like you that keep Blue Rodeo alive in the music business.