1. A = He was the younger brother of a friend of theirs

2. D = They wanted to underline the country genre just a bit

3. C = Greg Keelor

4. B = Greg's ex-girlfriend Michelle McAdorey

5. E = Greg Keelor

6. B = That period of time that he and Greg spent in New York

7. D = Greg Keelor

8. A = Roy Rogers

9. D = Made a lot of stupid decisions and disappeared

10. C = Try, Floating, Rose-Coloured Glasses and Outskirts

0 - 3 = CDs only. Okay, so you don't know the Blue Rodeo biography off by heart - who cares?! You're always willing to lend an ear to any Blue Rodeo tale, or read any article - but let's face it; you're just in it for the music.

4 - 7 = Concert Goer. Good going! You find the Blue Boys as interesting as their lyrics . . . but obsessed? Of course not!

8 - 10 = Blue Rodeo Groupie Amazing! You have all the albums, read the articles, seen the interviews, been to the concerts - hell, you might even scare you friends sometimes with your knowledge about the band. If you try to know them any better and you might be arrested for stalking.