*IMPORTANT: Be sure to have a pencil and paper handy so you can record your answers - and later check to see which ones you got right*

1. Bob Wiseman ended up on the band by means of:

a) He was the younger brother of a friend of theirs

b) An audition

c) That famous ad in NOW magazine

d) They heard him playing piano in a coffee house and asked him to join

e) He fronted the band so he was already in it


2. The picked the name Blue Rodeo because:

a) They weren't getting popular with the first two names they chose

b) Jim's wife begged them to use that name

c) They got it from a book that Greg was reading at the time

d) They wanted to underline the country genre just a bit

e) It just sounded cool


3. Which band member fully admits that he was into late 60's country music?

a) Bazil Donovan

b) James Gray

c) Greg Keelor

d) Mark French

e) Jim Cuddy


4. Who co-wrote the breakup song "No Miracle, No Dazzle" with Jim and Greg?

a) Sarah McLachlan

b) Greg's ex-girlfriend Michelle McAdorey

c) No one - it was just Jim and Greg

d) The rest of the band

e) A and B only


5. The guru Hari Lal Poonja helped out which band member?

a) Jim Cuddy

b) Kim Deschamps

c) Glenn Milchem

d) James Gray

e) Greg Keelor


6. Jim explains that Disappointment (off his solo album) is about:

a) All the let downs that he's gone through

b) That period of time that he and Greg spent in New York

c) Who knows? He never talked about it

d) Lost childhood dreams and expectations

e) A reminisce of a time in his life when he was going through a state of depression


7. A reporter once described one of the band members as being an "all-purpose creative maniac". Who was he talking about?

a) Jim Cuddy

b) James Gray

c) Bail Donovan

d) Greg Keelor

e) None of the above


8. As a child Jim Cuddy wanted to be like:

a) Roy Rogers

b) John Lennon

c) Dire Straits

d) His dad

e) The Rolling Stones


9. When they were still Fly To France, what did their manager do?

a) He made them what they are today

b) Told them to change their name if they wanted to make it big

c) Co-wrote Try - but asked not to be credited in the linear notes of the album

d) Made a lot of stupid decisions and disappeared

e) Took their money


10. Their demo tape consisted of four tracks, they are:

a) Try, Rose-Coloured Glasses, Outskirts and Rebel

b) Two unknown songs (forever lost in time), Try and Piranha Pool

c) Try, Floating, Rose-Coloured Glasses and Outskirts

d) Rebel, Try, Heart Like Mine and Rose-Coloured Glasses

e) Try, Rose-Coloured Glasses, Floating, Outskirts

Answers and Scoring