Blue Rodeo Song and Lyric Quiz I

So you know all of Blue Rodeo's songs by heart, eh? Well good for you! :) Now, let's try that skill out, shall we?
Below you will find a line or two from a Blue Rodeo song, it could be from any of their albums, all you have to do is identify which song it's from. Easy right? Of course it is!

1. "You used to walk down the street like the chosen one"
2. "Even though sometimes it feels like we're on different planets"
3. "I'm a little lost tonight"
4. "He took from you everything that wasn't tied down"
5. "I know I'm sinking through"
6. "You were my adventure"
7. "Was there something else I could have done"
8. "I was sweat soaked and frail"
9. "There's a growing darkness of a cruel and senseless hand"
10. "Cause no one expects you to tell the truth"

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