Blue Rodeo Song and Lyric Answers

How do you think you do?
Really? That well huh? Let's find out.

1. "You used to walk down the street like the chosen one" - How Long, from Diamond Mine
2. "Even though sometimes it feels like we're on different planets" - Get Through To You, from Nowhere to Here
3. "I'm a little lost tonight" - Photograph, from Five Days In July
4. "He took from you everything that wasn't tied down" - Last Laugh, from Casino
5. "I know I'm sinking through" - Dragging On, from Tremolo
6. "You were my adventure" - Where Are You Now, from Lost Together
7. "Was there something else I could have done" - What You Want, from Nowhere to Here
8. "I was sweat soaked and frail" - Truscott, from The Days In Between
9. "Cause no one expects you to tell the truth" - Nice Try, from Diamond Mine
10. "There's a growing darkness of a cruel and senseless hand" - Rebel, from Outskirts