Better Off As We Are

1. B = The boy works in a bowling alley
2. C = the girl charges $0.25 for advice, she reads his palm
3. C = the girl's advice booth is located an electronics store that has closed for the evening
4. C = the girl gives him her scarf so he can wipe his cheek
5. The plaque says "O'Connor Bowl"

Side of the Road

1. A = the video for Side of the Road was filmed in Guelph, Ontario
2. B = Greg trips and falls twice during the video. The first time is when he is running away from his band members for the second time(the camera is VERY blurred, so it's barely noticeable); and the second time is when he is scampering up a small hill in a construction zone in front of a row of houses.
3. E = All of the above. In several different scenes Greg is seen running across a farmer's field, towards a highway, as well as through a residential zone.
4. B = In the stated scene, the background is an electrical tower: as seen if you were standing directly beneath it and looking up.
5. E = Starting with the top left square and going clockwise, the order is thus: A spiralling universe, Greg and a statue of the Virgin Mary, Greg walking through a door, Greg walking through a farmer's field.