Quotable Quotes
"Every night we say the craziest things . . ."
- Heart Like Mine

Jim: I think that it's sort of obvious that we write our own songs in the band --
Greg: I'd be broke if I just had my own!

Greg: In America the fascination with celebrities is surreal.

Greg: You're always sort of writing music for your peers.

Jim: Thanks to all the people who kept the single alive when it was dying a slow death.
(during the release of Try, accepting a Juno)

Jim: It should be Cuddy/Keelor shouldn't it?
(On the fact that the linear notes always say "Keelor/Cuddy")

Greg: When we put out our last record (Diamond Mine), everyone said, "Oh this is going to be the record that's gonna do it for them" So....you know.....who cares?

Greg: Every night we kneel down and pray to these statues that we brought here with us --
Jim: (with his hands pressed together in "prayer")Please let there be a limo outside. I want a limo!

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