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Past Quotes
"And I remember the words you told me too..."
How Long

Words from Mr. Greg Keelor...

Jim: We never, ever mentioned it to each other. I don't know . . . maybe Greg was always thinking he would be rich and famous, but I never did. Did you?
Greg: No, no, no . . . I've never been much of a planner that way.

"You have to feel that you can express yourself inside the band, you know, any way you want to - without restraints. And then outside of the band, you have to feel like your life is independent enough that you can do whatever you want."

"It's very inspiring when you play a song and listen to it back and it sounds better than you thought it would."

"It's good music to watch snow fall by" from an interview in Ottawa, January 1997.

He calls his songs "Nodders" during Jane Hawtin Live, sometime last winter, after their tour (98) – suggested by Lyne Grenier (Denylou)

""Then Molson bought the place, cut down 400 trees, covered the place in concrete and built a SHED!" - commenting on "The New" Molson Amphitheatre, at Ontario Place, On Global, Sept. 1996 (suggested by Denylou)

"As you can tell, this is not going to be a dance party. So if you feel like a snooze, we'll still be here when you get back." - at one of his solo performances

". . . as a Canadian I would boycott the baseball games, because the Sky Dome is a terrible place to see a sporting event . . . Hockey. Hockey is our game." - talking about Canadian and American cultures.

"He's an insult to his plaid shirt!" - talking about Bryan Adams

"Those performances pick you, you don't pick them" - on the fact that they have good shows and bad ones.

"I'm sort of disgusted that baseball is played in Canada"

"My cell rejoined when we finally re-embraced" - on when he finally met his birth mother

"Once I got there, my heart exploded. I was very open to what was going on." - talking about his trip to India

"There has always been a loner thing in me . . ."

"When I started meditating on the thought of my mortality, there were a few things I wanted to tidy up . . ."

"It sort of felt important to meet the woman who brought me into this incarnation if I was going to find this place called home." - on why he went to Cape Breton to look for his birth mother

"Sometimes with drugs, there's a sort of neurosis -- a paranoia -- attached to the education and the bliss" - talking about his (former) drug addiction

" . . . (it's a) consoling record for myself" - on his album Gone

"I wouldn't mind doing it for a weekend" - when asked if he was going to shave his head and start hanging out at the airport chanting "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna" while banging a tambourine and pestering travellers for spare change

"Anything that comes now is just gravy" - explaining that he is content with his life now

"I was so happy at that moment. I thought, for sure, that I was going to die." - on when he arrived in Inverness, Cape Breton

"Oh yeah. No problem. I could take them both" - Greg, (who used to play Junior Hockey here in Canada), when asked if he could beat Matthew Perry and Jason Priestly in the infamous celebrity hockey matches.

"When Jim's (CD) gets out, it's gonna be pretty much ‘Greg Who?'. It's gonna go through the roof." - about Jim's solo album when interviewed by Mike Campbell. (Suggested by Denylou)

Words from Mr. Jim Cuddy...

"This is good. We don't suck."

"Whether it's your friends or significant relationship, they realize that they're not going to be able to count on you, that you'll be away half the time. There's always a moment when they decide that's not what they want."

"There was some sense of completion in a cycle with that (All In Time)."

Jim: We never, ever mentioned it to each other. I don't know . . . maybe Greg was always thinking he would be rich and famous, but I never did. Did you?
Greg: No, no, no . . . I've never been much of a planner that way.

"I didn't think that either one of us would be completely making our living from music . . ."

"I like singing. You know, like Greg said, I like the sound of my own voice."

"Ahhh, this is really nice, thanks a lot! I should first of all thank, uh, my singing partner, Greg Keelor, for letting me -- letting me go for one record, and doing it on my own, but we've done it all together, Greg and I, so thank you Greg. Um, thank you Susan, my manager, uh, Kay, uh, Ruth... um, the record company that I'm with is Warner, and Warner is sort of an amazing record company, they just let you do whatever you want. And I don't know if that's everyone's experience but since Blue Rodeo started they haven't said boo to us! So, it's been a remarkable experience; they just said, uh, "When's the record ready?" and we say "I don't know". So, um, oh I don't know... This has been a great ride and this is a very sweet moment, thank you very much."
- Jim's acceptance speech at the 1999 Juno Awards for Best Male Artist.

"I'm a bit of a fire hazard" - explaining that during recording sessions he needs to have a lit candle in the room with him, "a ritual" he says.

"A tip of the hat to Gram Parsons with a couple of really rocking tunes too." - on his solo album.

"Blue Rodeo is like a choir. It's all these important voices that have to work together. And they can't be neglected"

"A little pasture of green in the heart of Toronto" - describing Fort York

"The easiest way we communicate is to just simply play"

"We feel like we're the test case for what's being done -- these are the kids that will matter because things are already critical at our school" - about the ‘97 teachers' strike.

"I'll rest when I die" (suggested by Kara)

"Imagine going on a six-month car trip with your family . . . and then doing it all over again" - on what it's like to tour with the band.

"I guess we didn't write about Alabama" - on why they never win the a CCMA

"I did it because Greg did his" - on why he went off and did a solo album.

"I think I can fit something in around breakfast on Labour Day - why waste that time slot?" - joking about his extremely hectic ‘All In Time' promotional schedule; which leaves his almost no free time.

"You guys are weird, and I love you" - on what he'll say when he goes back into the studio with Blue Rodeo

" . . . what happens with Greg and I is that we still have this very unbreakable bond that we just keep going forward together in tacit agreement, without having to say, 'You're coming, aren't you?'" - on the (wonderful) relationship he has with his equal counterpart; despite life's little speed bumps.

"It's not always about, 'Should we keep the band together?' or 'You have more songs than I do!' It's about many other things. It's about pissing each other off in the studio, it's about touring too long, it's about making noise at night on the bus . . ." - on what sometimes gets in the way of smooth encounters with his bandmates.

"It's been obviously entertaining to us to be talked about as if we were Laurel and Hardy fighting with each other." - commenting on the fact that people think he and Greg fight like cats and dogs.

"Oh, I'd dump them" - jokingly on what he would do to the rest of Blue Rodeo if All In Time continues to do well

"I have to admit it feels sorta strange to be set up as an expert on music . . ."

"I'd come on stage with my own stuff . . . and they'd be like, ‘Can you play Try?'" - on the fact that people can't seem to see the difference between his solo shows and Blue Rodeo.

Words from other band members...

" . . .but we're a lot luckier than most of the bands struggling from town to town because we do well at home." - Bazil Donovan on Blue Rodeo's success in Canada.

"It's like being in-between a rock and a hard place" - Bazil, on Jim and Greg

" He thought the rest of the band was too hyper" - Bazil on Greg's impression of BR after he recorded ‘GONE'.

Bazil: There is a certain hidden thing that's unsaid - when, now that everybody's had their solo thing, everybody's had their fun, now it's time to make a kick-ass record.