1. Flower petals [ 1 ]
2. A camera and black and white photographs [ 2 ]
3. False. Greg's shirt has white dots on it. [ 2 ]
4. There are five tables. Three on the left and two on the right. [ 3 ]
5. Jim's is orange/red and Greg's is black. [ 2 ]
6. The letter H' is missing in the TONIGHT BLUE RODEO sign. [ 3 ]
7. Station: 92WXTU, Music Genre: Country, City: Philadelphia [ 5 ]
8. Baz's shirt reads, "B.l.U.E.S." [ 1 ]
9. The two main colours of the Blue Rodeo tour bus is blue and white. [ 3 ]
10. Greg's baseball cap is red [ 2 ]. Give yourself [ 3 ] points instead if put that the cap is red and the brim is green.

Add up your score and see below:
24 or 25: Holy smokes!!! A perfect score!! Okay, fess up. How many times have you been sued for stalking the band? :oP I must say I'm very impressed. Even I wouldn't have been able to get this high. Let me guess, you have a remote for your VCR and have the luxury of a pause button on it!

19 to 23: Geez!!! How many times have you watched Blue Movies anyway? And what are you doing not helping me write these quizzes?! You obviously know the videos like the back of your hand, and were probably only stumped by the really stupid hard questions. So congratulations "Blue-head" (a term once used by Greg); you should be inducted into the Blue Rodeo fans Hall of Fame.

13 to 18: Hey still great!! So you haven't watched the videos with an eagle eye - you've watched them enough times and watched them close enough that you can see the little things that make Blue Rodeo so gosh darn fun to watch!!

9 to 12: Okay, I'll admit that these questions may have been pretty hard and were kinda dumb. So don't stress out. I made them hard for a purpose. That really, the only people who would get perfect would be me (hey I wrote the darn thing :oP), those who watched the videos so many times they've got it running perfectly in their heads, and those who ran to put the tape in and used the pause or slow-motion button to get the answers. Hell, I'm sure that even the band probably wouldn't even have gotten most of them!
8 and lower: Hey, who cares how many tables there are in the Outskirts video; and who gives a damn what colour Greg's hat is!!! Right??!! Heck you're probably too distracted how good they look in the videos to pay attention to the little details. Or you're too intent on enjoying the song. Either way you're a Blue Rodeo fan that's for sure, but just on a more rational level than most of us!