Outskirts and Rebel

IMPORTANT: This quiz works a little differently than the others. Since each question is at a different level of difficulty than others, they will be worth a different number of points (which is shown in square brackets beside each question). For each question you get partially right, this is to your own judgement, you get part the points. No multiple choice this time - just to make it all the more challenging. Check with the answers at the end and see how you rated! So have fun, and remember it's just a game. It's not really testing your loyalty or love for the band in anyway.

Okay, get your pens and paper ready . . .


1. What is scattered on the ground (and falling from the air in the end) where the band is playing? [ 1 ]

2. What is the first thing(s) that is shown on camera? [ 2 ]

3. True or false: Greg is wearing a plain red shirt. [ 2 ]

4. How many tables are there? [ 3 ]

5. What colour are Jim and Greg's guitars? [ 2 ]


6. In the first show, what letter is missing from the sign reading: TONIGHT BLUE RODEO? [ 3 ]

7. The first road-side billboard shown advertises a radio station. What's the station? What kind of music? And what city is it for? [ 5 ]

8. Baz is wearing a black shirt with yellow writing on it. What's the writing say? [ 1 ]

9. What are the two main colours of their bus? [ 3 ]

10. What colour is Greg's baseball cap? [ 2 ] / [ 3 ] (depending on how specific your answer is)

Answers and Scoring