Before you go any further be sure you have a pen and paper handy so you can record you answers. Then when you're done you can see how you did!


1. "Like a kid who's tired of a busted toy"

a) Tell Me Your Dream

b) Til I Gain Control Again

c) Save Myself

d) The Ballad of the Dime Store Greaser and the Blond Mona Lisa

e) Trust Yourself


2. "I stand in front of this ferris wheel"

a) What Am I Doing Here

b) Dark Angel

c) Graveyard

d) Angels

e) Where Are You Now


3. "You say you don't love me"

a) Heart Like Mine

b) Bad Timing

c) Diamond Mine

d) Falling Down Blue

e) Frog's Lullaby


4. "I don't think that I had been asleep too long"

a) Underground

b) Photograph

c) Outskirts

d) Fuse

e) Train


5. "Fumbling with a pack of cigarettes"

a) Shed My Skin

b) Brown Eyed Dog

c) Willin' Fool

d) Fall In Line

e) God and Country


6. "Don't hide your smile"

a) Brother Andre's Heart

b) 5 Will Get You Six

c) 5A.M. (A Love Song)

d) Cynthia

e) Armour


7. "Same sun rising over your head"

a) Outskirts

b) Blew It Again

c) Rebel

d) Time

e) Montreal


8. "The same snow is falling"

a) Floating

b) Girl In Green

c) Lost Together

d) Hasn't Hit Me Yet

e) ‘Til I Am Myself Again


9. "Twist one up for the ride"

a) No Miracle, No Dazzle

b) Me & Baz

c) Is It You

d) Western Skies

e) 5 Days In May


10. "And these coloured drinks you keep on throwing at me"

a) Floating

b) Try

c) Love and Understanding

d) You're Everywhere

e) Blew It Again

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