1. A = Trouble
2. C = He thought Toronto was too small and uptight
3. True. In the line: "I really kept my spirits high tonight/took some sunshine/walked out in the lane"; the ‘sunshine' part refers to LSD
4. D = They didn't let them move table so they could create a dance floor
5. C = George Bush and Brian Mulroney
6. B = They booed
7. E = 14 years
8. B = 25 years
9. C = Jim has a BA in English
10. D = dressing sets for TV commercials


0 - 2 Just a fan: Hey! He's got a great voice and can play the guitar like anything! Who cares how many girlfriends he's had, if it's boxers or briefs, or why he made All In Time? You don't. But then again . . . maybe you like another band member better.

3 - 6 You've got a Cuddy-Compulsion: Well, well, well. You're just about in the middle now, you see? You love his music and it doesn't hurt to know a little stuff about the guy either.

7 - 8 Extremist: You're constantly checking around for new Jim articles, interviews and video. And admit it - you find people, total strangers, who remind you of him! Anyway, they're all interesting guys anyway - it's hard to NOT read the interviews and articles.

9 or 10 Over the Edge!: Why'd you even bother to take his quiz? You know more about him than is utterly necessary - and can likely write an even harder set of questions for this site. The only reason you don't know more about him is because he hasn't said it yet.