How well do you know Jim Cuddy?

Questions on general facts, Jim's experiences, relationships and stories, and his Blue Rodeo experience. If you read most of the BR or Jim Cuddy articles out there, and remember what you read - you should have absolutely no trouble. Take the quiz. You may surprise (or scare) yourself at how much you know about him - or you may even learn something . . .

1. "Disappointment" on Jim's solo album, reflects on the time that he and Greg spent in New York. What other song reminisces on those times?
a) Trouble
b) Whistler
c) All In Time
d) Second Son
e) New Year's Eve

2. After spending all that time in New York; Jim was hesitant to go home. Why?
a) Greg didn't want to leave just yet . . . and he wasn't going to go without him
b) His parents had disowned them
c) He thought Toronto was too small and uptight
d) He felt that they had a better chance of getting discovered in the States
e) He had no money

3. In the song "Whistler" there is a line that talks about using LSD
True or false?

4. Jim recalls that Murphy's Pub was snotty towards the band. What did they do to make him think so?
a) They always accused them of doing drugs and threatened to call the police several times
b) They were often mocked by the waitresses that they didn't have "real jobs"
c) Sometimes they didn't even pay them
d) They didn't let them move table so they could create a dance floor
e) They repeatedly ignored the band each time they tried to be friendly

5. Who was present in the audience when Jim and Greg sang the national anthem at a ball game?
a) Jim's wife and kids
b) Jim's wife, kids and Greg's girlfriend
c) George Bush and Brian Mulroney
d) Matthew Perry and Jason Preisely (fellow Canadians)
e) The rest of Blue Rodeo

6. As Jim still clearly recalls, what was the audiences' reaction when they sang part of the anthem in French?
a) They loved it - they cheered loud enough to drown out their singing
b) They booed
c) A couple of people asked to hear "Try" and "Rose-Coloured Glasses"
d) They didn't seem to know who Blue Rodeo was
e) They begged for autographs as they made their way backstage

7. Jim has been married for approximately how long?
a) 12 years
b) Who knows? He never mentioned it
c) 20 years
d) 10 years
e) 14 years

8. He's known Greg for how long?
a) Even he doesn't know - it's been so long
b) 25 years
c) 24 years
d) 23 years
e) 22 years

9. Jim has a BA in:
a) Marine Biology
b) nothing - he dropped out of university
c) English
d) Music History
e) Theology

10. Jim used to have the day-job of:
a) a busboy in a local restaurant b) roadie
c) cleaning up venues and bars after bands had finished their gigs
d) dressing sets for television commercials
e) gaffer for local plays and commercials