29 Flavours of Blue Rodeo Ice-Cream
the real titles are in brackets

Side of the Rocky Road (Side of the Road)
Berry Off As We Are (Better Off As We Are)
Raisins Down On Me (Rain Down On Me)
The Big Peach (The Big Push)
Rose-Coloured Molasses (Rose-Coloured Glasses)
Heart Like Mint (Heart Like Mine)
Already Grape (Already Gone)
Dark Apricot (Dark Angel)
Mocha Montreal (Montreal)
Two Tangerines (Two Tongues)
Blues Pistachio (Blues Piano)
God and Cherries (God and Country)
House of Dates (House of Dreams)
Fall in Lime (Fall In Line)
Flaming Blueberry (Flaming Bed)
Mint & Tree (Moon & Tree)
No Watermelon to Here (Nowhere to Here)
Banana Timing (Bad Timing)
Casino Crunch (Casino)
After the Raisin (After the Rain)
Last Lemon (Last Laugh)
The Union of the Date Strawberry Greaser and the Berry Macadamia Lat (The Ballad of the Dime Store Greaser and the Blond Mona Lisa)
Nice Pie (Nice Try)
Strawberry Swells (Swells)
Beautiful Blueberry (Beautiful Blue)
No Sprinkles, No Dazzle (No Miracle, No Dazzle)
5 Apricot Madness (5am)
Peanut Pool (Piranha Pool)
Western Ice (Western Skies)