Blue Rodeo Misinterpretations

Song title:Somebody Waits
Real lyrics:"One day you wake up and realize you've had enough"
Sounds like:"One day you wake up and realize you're fat enough!" to Patricia

Song title:Underground
Real lyrics:"Got myself locked outside the heart of it"
Sounds like:"Caught myeslf trying to side up your holiday" to Jennifer

Song title:What Am I Doing Here
Real lyrics:"On this useless night with you so far away"
Sounds like:"Oh this useless night Whitby's so far away

Song title:Dark Angel
Real lyrics:"I heard a rumour she loves the mountains and the snow"
Sounds like:"I heard a rumour she loves a man there so" to Yvette

Song title:Western Skies
Real lyrics:"Waiting for this damn 503 TTC"
Sounds like:"Waiting for this damn fly to freeze in the sea" to Debbi

Song title:Try
Real lyrics:"Trouble for all the men that you take"
Sounds like:
"Trouble for all the men that you date"

Song title:Disappear
Real lyrics:"You held a sand dollar"
Sounds like:"You held a sand olive"

Song title:Montreal
Real lyrics:"We met in Montreal far from the crime"
Sounds like:"We met in Montreal far from the crowds" to Jeni

Song title:Last Laugh
Real lyrics:"Now all your saviours wait their turn in line"
Sounds like:"Now all your sailors wait the eternal line"

Song title:Bad Timing
Real lyrics:"Bad timing that's all..."
Sounds like:"That time and that song..."
"That time in Nassau..." to Rick
"That time in LaSalle..." by Susan
Real lyrics:"I'm aching tired now..."
Sounds like:"I'm naked and tired..." to Tara

Song title:Better Off As We Are
Real lyrics:"...moved down to New York, Washington Square"
Sounds like:"...moved down to New York cursin' and swearin" to Linda

Song title: Heart Like Mine
Real lyrics:"Yeah, every night..."
Sounds like:"Yeah, every knife..."

Song title:Rebel
Real lyrics:"But you know you're gonna miss me if I'm not there"
Sounds like:"But you know you're gonna miss me, get the f**k out of there" to Jeni. "But not anymore! I can hear what he's saying now!" :oP

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