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Jane Hawtin Interview Quotes
[ all quotes are exerts from Jane Hawtin Live interview with Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor ]

JH: Why is there so much stuff about you guys breaking up? Do you two fight all the time?
Jim: I think it's just the function of having been together so long. If you're together for a long time people think you're bound to split up . . . and Greg is pretty hard to get along with. People who know him know it's bound to happen eventually.

Greg: It's sort of like being a porn star or something. You think, "Boy, sex is great! I'd love to make my living from it!"
Jim:(laughing hysterically) [to Greg] Great job. Sex is great yeah . . .Can you imagine getting paid for it?
Greg: Sex is great imaging doing it for a living!

Greg: I was an only child. Only adopted child . . . still am I guess.

JH: It sounds like you guys have a pretty positive relationship.
Jim: Oh, I'm THAT aspect but Greg's fairly negative. I bring it around, I bring it around . . .
Greg: Thank's buddy

Caller: Do you listen to your own songs when you're relaxing?
Greg: I do with Jim's.
Jim: (laughing) He's full of it!
Greg: No, no. The only time we listen to ourselves is when we're playing the songs. We hear enough of it, you know? But once in a while (Jim laughs) on an elevator or something, it's nice to hear one of your tunes.

Jim: Actually, he (points to Greg) jokes about it . . . but Sam really likes Greg's vocals. He likes Greg's songs. He likes the grittier stuff. And he apologizes: "Sorry daddy . . . but I like this one."