1. D = Home was written when he arrived home in Toronto after the first (failed) attempt to locate his birth mom

2. B = Greg's birth name is Francis McIntryre

3. C or B = He used to date Michelle McAdorey and Mary Margret O'Hara from the Bad Timing video

4. A = A picture of Bobby Wiseman

5. False = Greg's a university dropout

6. B = Greg claims he was three months old when he was taken from his biological mother

7. A = The drums

8. His birth mother's name is Mary Teresa McIntyre

9. D = Greg's ex-girlfriends appears in Try

10. C = He bought the Krishna woman incense wrapped in grasses and leaves


0-2 A Keelor Companion: You love his voice and the songs he writes, but it pretty much stops there. While others are scrounging around digging for information, you can sit back, relax and contentedly listen to Rose-Coloured Glasses. It doesn't matter to you what went on in his life - it's his own business anyway.

3-6 Moderate Admiration: He fascinates you, there's no doubt about that. He's eclectic, poetic and one hell of a story teller. You may love his eyes, his rumpled hair - but well, when it comes down to knowing the man behind the music . . . you know how to keep things under control.

7-8 Extremist . . . almost: You know the story about his trip to India, his pilgrimage to Cape Breton and maybe even a couple of his past girlfriends. You're drawn to the sound of his voice but he isn't always the first thing you think of when you hear the name Blue Rodeo.

9 or 10 Completely Keelor Consumed : You love his "crazy heart" and eclectic persona. You know him like the back of your hand. He has a tenancy to say the strangest things but none of them surprise you. Why'd you even bother taking this quiz? You should've known you knew all the answers.