Answer questions on past girlfriends, past experiences and past articles. Greg is possibly the most fascinating and eccentric member of Blue Rodeo. His stories were definitely interesting. His life reads like a fictional story. But it all adds up to make him the creative, poetic and profound songwriter we know today. Answer the questions below and find how exactly how well you know Greg Keelor.

1. He wrote the song "Home" . . .
a. When he finally met his birth mother after a long time searching
b. When he first arrived in Cape Breton
c. When he found out that he was adopted
d. When he arrived home in Toronto after the first (failed) attempt to locate his birth mom
e. On the way to Cape Breton

2. His birth name is
a. Greg Keelor
b. Francis McIntyre
c. James Gregory Keelor (They didn't want to have two Jims in the band - so he used his second name)
d. Joseph McNeil
e. Gregory Francis Keelor

3. Greg used to date
a. Sarah McLachlan
b. That woman in the Bad Timing video
c. Michelle McAdorey
d. who knows? He never talked about it.
e. A local Toronto woman who wanted to remain anonymous

4. In the video for Lost Together, Greg wanted to put something on the organ (but was convinced it was a bad idea). What was it?
a. A picture of Bobby Wiseman
b. A picture of the band
c. Incense
d. Sheets of piano notes
e. A pair of male and female doves - to symbolize peace between man and woman

5. Greg has a university degree.
True or false?

6. Roughly, how old did Greg say he was when he was taken from his birth mother?
a. a couple of days old
b. three months old
c. one year old
d. six months old
e. two years old

7. If he weren't playing the guitar for Blue Rodeo he would be playing
a. The drums
b. The piano
c. Nothing - the guitar's all he can play
d. The slide guitar
e. The synthesizer

8. What's his birth mother's name?

9. Which video features one of Greg's ex-girlfriends (but was his girlfriend at the time)?
a. Bad Timing
b. Rain Down On Me
c. Rose Coloured Glasses
d. Try
e. Five Days In May

10. A couple of years ago, Greg saw some Hare Krishnas chanting in the park. One of the women went up to him; he thought that she was very beautiful. He decided to go and bring her back a present. What did he buy her?
a. candles
b. flowers
c. incense
d. a beaded necklace
e. all of the above

Scoring and Answers