Blue Rodeo Greatest Hits

A while back a poll was taken, asking Outskirts visitors to list 15 of their favourite Blue Rodeo songs that they would like to appear on the album. Each vote was accounted for, as well as each title suggested. Below you will find the results of that poll. As you know the real track listing is on the Official Blue Rodeo web site.

album title: Lost Together Again (suggested by Jake)
runners up: Pyramid Lake and Back, The Outskirts, to Here and Beyond

Til I Am Myself Again
Heart Like Mine
Rose-Coloured Glasses
Now and Forever
After the Rain
House of Dreams
Ballad of the Dime Store Greaser
It Could Happen To You
Head Over Heels
Trust Yourself
Dark Angel
Rain Down On Me
Bad Timing
Five Days In May
Hasn't Hit Me Yet
Diamond Mine
Falling Down Blue
Lost Together
Side of the Road

Thank you to all those who participated in this poll