Before you go any further be sure you have a pen and paper handy so you can record you answers. Then when you're done you can see how you did!

1. Which magazine/newspaper did Greg and Jim place an ad to get a band together?

a) The Toronto Sun

b) Access

c) NOW

d) The Toronto Star

e) Rolling Stone

2. Where did the five original Blue Rodeo members initially practised?

a) In a recording studio

b) In a real rehearsal place

c) Greg's apartment

d) Jim's apartment

e) Where ever they could find good acoustics

3. Greg went where to look for his birth mother?

a) Port Hope

b) New York

c) Vancouver

d) Cape Breton

e) Newfoundland

4. Jim and Greg started a band called ‘Fly to France.' When talking about their ‘early band' days, what does Jim say about that name?

a) "it was a really stupid name"

b) "it was cool at the time, but it's a good thing we changed it"

c) "Greg and I always wanted to see Paris - hence the name"

d) "it's poetically unjustified, but we had no other ideas"

e) "Greg picked it"

5. James Grey made his Blue Rodeo concert debut at:

a) The Sky Dome

b) The Warehouse

c) Ontario Place Forum

d) Molsen Park

e) at a secret gig at The Horseshoe Tavern

6. Glenn Milchem joined Andrew Cash's band in:

a) 1986

b) 1987

c) 1988

d) 1989

e) 1990

7. Which band member once played for the Cowboy Junkies?

a) James Grey

b) Bob Wiseman

c) Greg Keelor

d) Kim Deschamps

e) Glenn Milchem

8. Who brought original keyboardist, Bob Wiseman to the first rehearsal?

a) Jim Cuddy

b) Greg Keelor

c) Bazil Donovan

d) Cleve Anderson

e) Jim's wife Rena

9. Bazil joined the band by means of:

a) pure luck

b) answering the ad in NOW

c) utter boredom

d) constant nagging from Greg to join the band

e) an audition

10. Who called Glenn up to join the band?

a) Bazil Donovan

b) Kim Deschamps

c) Greg Keelor

d) Jim cuddy

e) James Grey

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