This transcript is based on the brief interview that Jim gave to a Mix 99.9 representative a little bit after his performance at Beachfest 98. Throughout the whole thing he is lighthearted and lively, and was pretty playful.


(Jim makes his entrance)

Rep: Hey! (Everyone cheers and just goes crazy) You were great!

Jim: (a little bit flustered by the gush of applause, laughs) Thank you. I can't take all the credit.

Rep: You can take most of it though.

Jim: Gladly, gladly!

Rep: They were all cheering out there for YOU. Take it, take it.

Jim: (surrendering) Fine! Alright!

Rep: That was a great set. You're having some fun out there?

Jim: Thank you. It's really fun. It's a fantastic event. It's great. Good crowd.

Rep: It's great to have you here. Kind of a neat showcase for you to perform new material from your new CD, All In Time, right?

Jim: Well, it's kind of crazy too you know? Take the biggest crowd I'll play this year and play them all new stuff (laughter from those around him). There you go! See how you like this!

Rep: It's a great record.

Jim: Oh, thank you.

Rep: It goes over really well. Disappointment's an excellent track.

Jim: It's a lot of fun. Even last year when Greg and I played acoustic - it's a very listening crowd. Like they're here - they're happy to be here. What ever they're presented with they find it. . . and everything will be different, so it's very easy to play to this kind of crowd.

Rep: We heard the world album premiere on the Mix on Saturday. Very cool. It was great hearing you being able to spend a little more time talking about your stuff. Quite introspect you were, and to the point of all your stuff. Do you enjoy that type of stuff?

Jim: You know, there's a one time after you've made a record where you get to sit down with somebody and talk about it. And actually you learn a lot about what you just made as well. It's not always apparent to you what you've just done until you sit down and say, "Yeah, I realize it's about a couple of different points in my life that I have to revisit." So it's interesting for me too.

Rep: Well, it was interesting to hear you talk about some of that stuff.

Jim: Thanks.

Rep: Now the question has to be asked, and I'm sure it has been: If the album continues to be a huge success, what does that mean for Blue Rodeo?

Jim: (sarcastically of course) Oh I'd dump them!


Rep: (laughing) good bye!

Jim: Oh yeah. Oh I'd call them right up . . .

Rep: Oh hi Greg! Hi Greg!

Jim: Yeah! Don't call - my number's unlisted. (Laughter) (Seriously now) No. This will always be a sideline for me. I think that one of the things it does is that it makes me realize how much I appreciate Blue Rodeo; what a good band it is; how fortunate I am to be playing in a band that's played for ten or twelve years. Cuz there are certain things a band can do after 10 years that you can't do in six months, you just can't. You learn a lot about each other's instinct; you can play in a certain way; you can soar to heights that new bands, like the one I'm working with now, will have to learn how to play together. And it'll be fun doing - but Blue Rodeo is already there.

Rep: You did a good job at the world album premiere of pointing out the difference between your solo stuff and the Blue Rodeo stuff.

Jim: Oh that's good. I think a lot of people who come to see me don't see the difference, you know. I come on stage with my own stuff and they say, "I love you guys," (laughter) "Yeah, I saw you in Ottawa." No, no it's a different band. "No. I love you guys . . . can you play Try?" (Laughter from both Jim and everyone else)

Rep: You guys (Blue Rodeo) get along great. You've been doing this for years.

Jim: Oh yeah. It's very nice. It's very fortunate to have friends to do it with you too.

Rep: Well, we were very fortunate to have you with us today. Thanks again for coming down to play Beachfest.

Jim: It's a great pleasure to be here. Thanks a lot.

Rep: Continued success with All In Time, the new CD. We'll see you soon, man.

Jim: Alright. Take care! (Walks away, still happy and smiling of course)

Rep: Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy ladies and gentlemen!

(Crazy cheering, yelling and whistling)