Bazil Donovan

Just like all great musicians, Bazil started out early. Age nine to be exact. That's when he picked up his first guitar. Good thing too, for it eventually lead to the bass at age thirteen (and we all know where that led). But while most seventeen-year-olds are out partying, drinking and whatnot, Bazil was already playing professionally. After joining a couple of bands, and playing a few gigs, he was eventually taken in by a new-wave band called The Sharks in 1980. This is where he met Cleve Anderson (who would later join Blue Rodeo as well). But this, as well as the others, did not last long. It wasn't until 1984 that the chances of a musical career began to show it's head. It was in an ad in NOW magazine that the formation of Blue Rodeo began. Had the ad been saved and kept it would certainly be worth something. It read with the humour that we have come to associate the band with as well as served as the backbone for the formation for the band. The ad was simple and to the point and there was no doubt that they (Jim and Greg) were ‘serious' about finding additional members:

"If you've dropped acid at least 20 times,
lost 3 or 4 years to booze and looking
good and can still manage to keep time,
call Jim or Greg"

Okay, maybe Bazil didn't fit all of the qualifications but he was still ‘looking good and could still manage to keep time.' But at a friend's suggestion he answered the ad. He called Jim but got Rena, his wife, instead. He was informed that he should talk to Greg, but deciding against it Bazil just left his name. He didn't know at the time that Cleave Anderson had joined Blue Rodeo as well. There were no auditions, no introductions, Bazil was swept up into Blue Rodeo when Greg inquired about him, and Jim mentioned that the name was familiar. He remembers walking into Greg's apartment, which was also the rehearsal space, and immediately started playing music. He doesn't ever recall them telling him that he was a definite member of the band; but after more than ten years of playing with the band you can be pretty sure that his position with them is secure.